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Cahuilla Plants: detailed features

Book Cover

In the accordion below are excerpt pages from the book "Plants of the Cahuilla Indians of the Colorado Desert and Surrounding Mountains". Read the pages below to view the layout and design of the book. Entries include common names, scientific names, Cahuilla names, blooms, harvest times, and Indian uses of the plants. The layout makes it easy to use in the field. There are 700 total photographs: 630 botanical, 51 historical, and 19 general photographs.

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Expert Comments

“I am pleased to recommend this functional and practical handbook with the Cahuilla uses of the plant world.” ……Lowell John Bean, Ph.D., anthropologist

“This book presents a wealth of information about some of the important plant species utilized by the Cahuilla. Individual specie pages give common and scientific names, photographs, bloom and/or harvest times, where each species lives, and Cahuilla uses. Seven extensive cross-reference indexes allow easy page references by common name, scientific name, plant family, or category of Cahuilla usage. These indexes make this book especially useful to someone just learning these plants, or wondering what plants were used for medicine, tools, etc. Charts of bloom and harvest months show at a glance what might be found in the field at any given time.”
…………………….. Tom Chester, Botanist, Fallbrook, California


This useful and very practical handbook for the trail is highly recommended for the following features:
- 700 total photographs
- 630 botanical photographs
- 51 historical photographs
- 19 general photographs
- practical layout using a variety of type sizes, italics, and bolding, gives the reader easy access to the book’s information
- each entry consists of the plant’s common name and scientific name, the plant’s Cahuilla name if known, photographs, geographic information, blooming information, harvesting information, and Cahuilla uses of the plant
- a map of Cahuilla territory
- information on life zones
- Cahuilla plant bloom chart
- Cahuilla plant harvest chart
- Cahuilla word list
- Cahuilla pronunciation guide
- Latin pronunciation guide in both classical and botanical
- Latin accentuation guide
- Cahuilla plant usage index
- Index by plant common names
- plant list by families
- Index by scientific names
- scientific name to common name conversion index
- naturalists’ field notes section for personal use
- blank bloom charts for personal use
- blank harvest charts for personal use
- blank photo data charts for personal use

Excerpt Desert Wild Grape


Excerpt Holly-Leaved Cherry

Desert Willow

Excerpt Joshua Tree

Encelia or Brittle-Bush

Excerpt Mojave Yucca


Excerpt Pricklypear Cactus



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